Imagining the Future of
Aliso Viejo Town Center

The Town Center revitalization project envisions a future with more restaurants, entertainment, and shopping choices for residents and businesses -- keeping tax revenue in our city and enhancing Aliso Viejo's high quality of life with a more vibrant core.

Aliso Viejo aspires to enhance Town Center as a vibrant destination:

To transform Town Center into a walkable and
livable place for all residents to enjoy.

The continued success of Town Center is essential for Aliso Viejo's high quality of life. While the Center is currently thriving, it will soon face competition from neighboring new and revamped retail and entertainment centers, creating a significant risk for revenue loss in Aliso Viejo.

The revitalization plans proactively anticipate a future for Aliso Viejo where we all have the chance to spend more time in the City we love, while enjoying more shopping and dining opportunities and a sense of place that will ultimately strengthen Aliso Viejo as an economic force in south Orange County.

We will continue to work with residents and businesses to ensure revitalization plans incorporate the wants and needs of the community. Sign up below to stay updated on the upcoming community design charrette; to learn more about the plans; and provide valuable input on how you would like to see Aliso Viejo Town Center evolve.

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